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WebStorm code completion

In earlier releases of the ArcGIS API for JavaScript, code completion help was provided in the form of a plug-in called Code Assist.  While this was helpful at the time, a major shift in syntax at the 3.4 release caused coding patterns to change in terms of how modules were loaded using AMD, and unfortunately the Code Assist plug-ins don’t provide support for this newer syntax.

Enter WebStorm to the rescue, which gives developers the ability to load a JavaScript library locally to support code assistance and code completion.

Below is the general documentation link for configuring a JavaScript library to use in WebStorm:

As luck would have it, a timely blog posting covers this process here.

The general steps to utilize the ArcGIS API for JavaScript library in WebStorm are:

1. Import a web application into WebStorm.

2. Download the ArcGIS API for JavaScript into a local folder from the download page.

3. Extract the API on disk into a folder (This task takes a few minutes).

4. In WebStorm, choose  File > Default Settings > JavaScript > Libraries  > Add.

5. Create a name for the Library and change the visibility to Global.


6. Use the green  +   and choose Attach Directories.


7. When configuring the library location path, select the js folder under the 3.9 API folder and choose Apply

The full Library path is: : \arcgis_js_v39_api\arcgis_js_api\library\3.9\3.9\js.

     Note:  Indexing the library takes a moment.

You should end up with a new library that can be used for any project:


Once you have configured an External Library, it will show up in the Project View as seen below:



You should now be able to type class names that belong to this library in the code editor, and work with standard completion shortcuts such as Ctrl + Space.

For general auto-completion techniques that can be utilized within WebStorm, check out this 6 minute video on YouTube.

Two online courses to help you get started with web development

I recently received an email from codecademy (free, self paced, online interactive coding training).  In this email they highlighted two new courses that some of you may be interested in.

Make a Website

Build a recent version of Airbnb’s home page and learn the fundamentals of web development in the process.

Make an Interactive Website

Build the Flipboard home page and learn how to add interactivity to your website.

These two courses would make a great starting point to help guide you in the direction of learning more about web development.  In today’s GIS workplace, a knowledge about web development is becoming more and more important.   You may also want to check out some of their other classes on HTML/CSS/JS.

Visual Studio Live! Redmond

I will be speaking at the Visual Studio Live! Redmond conference happening in Redmond, WA during August 18-22 at the
Microsoft Headquarters.


W10 Creating Map Centric Applications for Windows, WinRT and Window Phone


10:45am – 12:00pm

Level: Introductory

Ben Ramseth

Instructor Technical Lead


Explore the steps to building a map centric application:

In this session the presenter will explore the steps to building a map centric application. This will be done using Esri’s ArcGIS Runtime SDK for .NET. This SDK provides the building blocks needed to build applications that will run on Windows, WinRT or Windows Phone. This application can communicate with REST endpoints available through Esri’s ArcGIS Platform or with data that is local to the computer or device. The ArcGIS Platform provides many ways to visualize, store and analyze spatial data. Using this SDK a developer can build an applications that contain a substantial amount of reusable code, that will allow a quick development of specific applications for Windows, WinRT and Windows Phone.

You will learn:.

  • Explore ways to add your data to the map
  • Discover ways to query and analyze data
  • Create an application that works in a disconnected environment
  • Share code between Windows, WinRT and Window Phone


Southeast Regional User Group (SERUG) – ArcGIS for Javascript Development Tech Session

Please find the slides posted below:

ArcGIS for JavaScript Development